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The World’s Best White Ale

A View from Iceland

The world’s best white ale is brewed in the snow-covered world of Iceland. A few clicks south of the Arctic Circle the water runs pure and cold. Have you ever wondered what life there is like? Prehistoric glaciers, majestic mountains, and ancient lava fields shape the landscape. Einstök merges the best of the past with the present to let you look inside.

Eruption site on the Reykjanes peninsula

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Inspired by the crisp clean and cold world around them Einstök set out to create the world’s best beer. Focused on quality they began with the purest glacier water on Earth and added only perfect ingredients. Every detail mattered, and still does. That Viking spirit and determination for success has paid off, winning them awards and fans worldwide.
Today, Einstök invites you to take a closer look at the world that inspires them. This fan favorite Icelandic craft beer is not for the faint of heart, but for those with adventure pumping through their veins. One sip and we think you’ll agree this is one of, if not, the world’s best white ale outside the halls of Valhalla.


Ask yourself, are you ready for an adventure? Rugged terrain, powdery snow for miles, lava fields now white, a blue lagoon, and cliffs slick with ice inspire this craft beer. Designed to quench a Viking’s thirst, no matter how harsh the seasons get Einstök will press on and continue to deliver quality over quantity every step of the way.
Whether you are enjoying a cold pour alone at the campsite or snuggled up with your significant other on a couch, Einstök knows in your heart there is a Viking grateful for a moment of peace and a refreshing sip. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view with the world’s best beer. Start dreaming of your next adventure. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your way to our brewery in Akureyri, Iceland.

World’s Best White Ale

The world’s best white ale is brewed in the snow-covered world of Iceland. A few clicks south of the Arctic Circle the water runs pure and cold. Have you ever wondered what life there is like? Prehistoric glaciers, majestic mountains, and ancient lava fields shape the landscape. Einstök merges the best of the past with the present to let you look inside.

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New Interview! Starring, mbeiter / Mikkel picked up his first camera in 2007 and started photographing Danish nightlife. When he lost interest in that, the interest in photography was somehow lost as well. Then, in 2013, Mikkel went to Botswana to volunteer on an environmental project. While wildlife and landscape photography got his attention here, it was Norway that stirred up his passion for landscape photography a few years later.  
Step by step, Mikkel has developed his craft. Since he works full time in the IT industry, landscape photography is rather a professional hobby for him: "To manage the combination between a full-time job and a photography career I’ve decided to not go full time as a photographer. Photography is a haven for me, a way to connect with nature. I would be devastated if I destroyed this." This shows that not pursuing photography full time doesn't mean that you can't have a career in photography - Mikkel became a Sony Nordic representative last year, with the title of Sony Alpha Pro Artisan.
In that regard, winning photography awards has boosted his self-confidence. "Participating in a contest is like seeking confirmation and acknowledgment for your work. And some of the contests will create huge publicity campaigns on the biggest media around the world which can generate some great opportunities." With one of Mikkel's favorite photos, Shapes of Lofoten, he won two awards. We asked him what he thinks makes a great photo, and he also explained his workflow in the post-processing stage.

With all the knowledge and experience he has gathered over the past year, Mikkel was co-hosting a workshop in Lofoten a few years ago, one of the most exciting projects he's worked on. Passing on lessons he's learned himself to others to help them grow is something he intensely enjoyed and never expected to be doing due to his introversion.
In this interview, Mikkel also speaks about shooting in Denmark, being rescued from a blizzard in Iceland, and his inspirations. Read the full interview with mbeiter by visiting the link in our bio!

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Vestrahorse 🐴

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A glacier so epic that it’s been featured in movies and tv shows like Batman, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Interstellar. You can see why. ...

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Surrounded by waterfalls 🇮🇸 ...

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After all this time, I haven’t really made a proper introduction of me, except for some stories from time to time. So, without further ado - this is me! My name is Liga Liepina, I was born in Latvia and moved to Iceland in 2002. Been obsessed with horses since I was very young and started riding at my local riding school in Latvia. Since then horses have been a huge part of my life and at the moment I have 4 of my own.
I never planned on doing equine photography as such. When I purchased my first decent camera I planned to play around with landscape photography. But since I was around horses every day, they ended up being on front of my camera more and more, and before I even realized, all of a sudden I am photographing horses in various locations 🤷‍♀️😅 I love working with combining the breathtaking Icelandic nature and the wild, yet gentle spirit of the Icelandic horse.
Photo by my amazing friend of me and my mare Hekla, taken at midnight! Gotta live those bright Icelandic summer nights!
I am curious to know how you found my work and why you decided to follow me. Also, anything specific you would like to see more of, on my feed? Feel free to comment below ❤️

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Alien village👽🇩🇰
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The landscape of Iceland looks like something from a sci-fi movie⛰
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Award Winning Ale

Gold Medal

GOLD recipient at ™ the Los Angeles International Beer Competition 2015

Silver Medal

Meiningers International Craft Beer Award Silber 2015

Silver Medal

Silver recipient at ™ The International Beer Challenge London 2014

Silver Medal

Silver at ™ NY International Beer Competition 2018

 – Our Brews –

White Ale Cap

One of the World’s
Best White Ales.


Pale Ale Cap

Triple-Hopped for
Flavor and Balance.


Toasted Porter Cap

Don’t be Afraid
of the Dark.


Scottish Ale with
Smoked Icelandic Barley.



Arctic Berry Cap

Summer Ale with
Hand-Picked Bilberries.



Dopplebock Cap

A Celebration Beer
for the Holidays.



Winter Ale Cap

Brewed with
hand-cut spruce tips.