Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter

Icelandic Toasted Porter

Face the Darkness

Aromatic Icelandic roasted coffee subtly bands together with toasted malt undertones in our take on the Baltic Porter. While dark in color, this classical Porter style using Lager Yeast has a medium mouthfeel and dark chocolate notes that result in a smooth on the palate, easy-to-drink brew. Toasted malts combined with a slight addition of Icelandic blond coffee from Kaffibrennsla Akureyrar make Icelandic Toasted Porter roasty and rich, while the body remains light and sessionable. This sinister looking dark beer is perfect for cool winter nights or even hot summer days, and proves there’s no need to be afraid of the dark.

What is a Baltic Porter?

The rise in popularity of the English-style Porter took over shipping ports around the world in the 18th century. It primarily gained recognition when it was introduced to London’s working class, the porters, who loaded ships and traded with the Baltic states. As this famous style reached the Baltic region (including the Nordics and Scandinavia) local brewers tried their hand at this famous recipe, but this time with a local twist.

Since the native climate of the Nordics, Scandinavia, and Baltics was measurably cooler than England, brewers began using Lager Yeasts to ferment their Porters instead of Ale Yeasts (which typically ferment at higher temperatures). While traditional Porters may fall below 5% ABV, our version of the Baltic Porter boasts a 6% ABV, giving it a special Viking kick. The Baltic Porter tradition results in a rich and robust flavor profile with a smooth body that satisfies beer drinkers around the globe and is one of our favorite styles to brew at Einstök.

Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter



Key Ingredients

Lager malt, Munich malt, chocolate malt,  Bavarian Northern Brewer hops, and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee.

Available in

Cans Coming Soon Bottle Keg

Food Pairings

Rich and roasty notes bring out the best of steak, lamb chops, game and roasts. Works great as a base for sauces and marinades. Perfect finish with chocolate and cigars.

Tasting Notes

Roasty and robust with chocolate, toffee and licorice notes and a touch of subtle coffee aroma that pairs with toasted malts, all balanced together in a smooth and crisp dark body.

Gold Medal

GOLD recipient at ™ the Los Angeles International Beer Competition 2015

Silver Medal

Meiningers International Craft Beer Award Silber 2015

Silver Medal

Silver recipient at ™ The International Beer Challenge London 2014

Silver Medal

Silver at ™ NY International Beer Competition 2018

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What Others are Saying About Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter

Tasting notes at The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club says our Toasted Porter  has “enough creamy roundness and residual sweetness to stand up to and temper the bitter, smoky, roasted malt character, as well as the Bavarian noble hops which lend spiciness. Rich, smooth and remarkably easy to drink, this porter makes a great accompaniment to smoky roasted meat dishes, or even a classic vanilla ice cream sundae topped with molten chocolate fudge.”

Reviewers at Total Wine & More gave our Toasted Porter five stars, calling it absolutely delicious and the best porter ever. Over at Beer Advocate reviewers stated they enjoyed the smooth qualities, aromas and flavors and will definitely drink again.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. It won’t disappoint.

Where can you get Einstök?

Use the Ale Locator to find all of our brews near you. Once you’ve taken a sip we’d love to hear your thoughts at info@drink-conquer-repeat.com or tag us across social media. The next time you are in the Arctic Circle drop by the Brewers Lounge to sample our award winning beers. Drink. Conquer. Repeat.